How are you so patient? I guess I get frustrated too easily or something when I try to art and nothing is working. But seriously if you teach me how to be as patient as you I would be so grateful.

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  1. I have five or six drawings going at any given time so I can switch around if one of them starts to feel toxic.
  2. I draw all the time. I draw so often that no individual drawing is “precious.” If I spill chocolate milk on something, who the fuck cares because I can draw it again. 
  3. I like the process of drawing more than I like the product of drawing. It’s totally okay to want to end up with a pretty picture at the end, but you still have to draw it. Drawing is actually 100% drawing and 0% not drawing. You have to want to draw to draw.
  4. I don’t think of drawings as finished. To me, it’s all one neverending drawing. If I mess up along the way, I can fix it in something else later. It’s okay to have bad drawings. You’re supposed to.
  5. I draw stuff I like. Not stuff I think other people will like.




When you already faded and your homie walk into the party


when ur friends have inside jokes u dont understandimage


Super High School Level Princess Sonia Nevermind



Got the honkies playing Black people, got the Black people playing the servants and assassins.


needed a recent example of historical erasure and white supremacy? here ya go.


In two weeks it’s been one year since the last Homestuck update